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Terms & Conditions


Declarations: Encinitas Glass Company, herein referred to as “EGC” or “the company”.  The term “custom” refers to a manufactured or fabricated piece of glass or hardware that is specifically procured for a job and cannot be used elsewhere or refunded by EGC.


Warranty: EGC offers a one-year limited warranty, unless otherwise noted, to the original purchaser for material and labor from date of purchase. This warranty is nontransferable and applies to, but not limited, to fabricated glass, mirrors, window glass replacements, shower enclosures, storefront glass systems.  EGC will repair any defects which occur within the warranty period at no cost to the original purchaser.  All warranty service will be performed during routine business hours.  Warranty exceptions; (A) Dual glaze units (material only) have a (3) three year manufactures warranty for a “fogged” failed unit with a one-year warranty for labor. (B) HGSE (Heavy Glass Shower Enclosures) have a lifetime warranty on door adjustments only. Dual glaze units installed into wood frames are not warranted for materials.  EGC is not responsible for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising from manufactures defects, and EGC is not responsible for installation by others, alteration, careless handling, misuse, abuse, neglect, vandalism, fire, flood, windstorm, earthquake, acts of God, improper maintenance, discoloration due to water damage, use of harsh cleaning products or chemicals, or natural discoloration due to sun bleaching, environmental wear or lack of reasonable care in the use of the product or parts. EGC does not warrant against glass breakage, surface scratches and scuffs once the product is installed or / is carried out of out of the building.


Acceptance of Proposal: Examine this proposal carefully. By signing Buyer acknowledges that selection of material, finishes, configurations, style, and aesthetics have been made solely by Buyer. Signature acceptance of proposal gives EGC direction to proceed with order in conjunction with deposit requirements as laid out. Buyer furthermore acknowledges that all information as set forth in proposal concerning project, material, and finishes is true and accurate. EGC is not subject to any deviation on customer’s contract, subcontract agreement, or purchase Order. Any deviation from plans or proposal may be subject to additional fees via a change order as determined by EGC. Buyer agrees that additional work will not be performed until approved change order is agreed and signed to. Buyer acknowledges that Order has been taken by an EGC Representative and is subject to Management Approval. Buyer agrees that this proposal is subject to revisions and corrections due to clerical errors prior to acceptance by EGC Management.


Lead Time: All lead times are approximate and are in no way a contractual obligation unless specifically stated and approved by Management. EGC has no way of controlling vendor errors and or complications.


Deposits: All orders require a 50% deposit at time of order. Deposit requirements may only be waived by EGC’s management approval.


Payment Terms: Payment is due in full upon completion unless previous arrangements have been made and approved by EGC management. Buyer agrees to be held responsible wholly and completely to the deposit and payment terms as outlined in this proposal. If progress payments are part of this agreement, Buyer agrees to produce payment in a timely fashion. If payments are not made in accordance to the outlined terms, EGC reserves the right to stop production of work until payment terms are fulfilled.


Returns: All returns and or changes in product/material will be subject to a restocking fee at managements discretion.  Any custom material certified for a job requirement is non-refundable or returnable to EGC or the manufacturer.  Sales of these items is final whether customer takes possession or not and payment for the material or hardware is due with the invoice.


Product Disclaimers


Shower Enclosures:

  • Heavy shower door “steam unit” disclaimer:  Due to the design of heavy shower doors, they are not steam tight and cannot be considered at true steam unit.

  • Frameless shower enclosures are not watertight units. These units may have water leakage through the hinge, strike or bottom seams as they meet the tile, stone or manmade media such as cultured marble.

  • Abrasive cleaners such as may incur damage to the unit and should never be used. Many product components are coated with a lacquer and abrasive cleaners will scratch them.

  • Any shower enclosure being installed in an existing opening may not completely cover, or mask the mounting holes left by the originally installed unit.  EGC is not responsible for sealing or concealing pre-existing holes.


Single & Dual Glaze Replacements:

  • Dual Pane glass units being installed within wood frames are not covered under warranty.  EGC will not be responsible for the refinishing (staining, painting), and or the replacement of wood stops within a wood window repair.

  • Not all Low-E coatings will match the original window coating color.

  • Dual pane glass failure replacements have a 3-year material warranty from the original date of installation. Installation labor to reinstall the replacement glass is warranted for the first year only.


Dual Glazed Unit: There is no warranty on dual glazed units installed into wood frames.  Either from the manufacturer or from EGC.


Tile: Due to the nature of the product sometimes glass tile breaks during drilling holes.  There is no warranty against breakage.  If tile become broken it would be the customer’s responsibility to have the tile replaced.


Roof Tile:  This installation requires roof access on a tiled roof.  There is no warranty against broken or damaged roof tiles.  We will be as careful as we can be during this installation but if tiles get broken or damaged it would be the customer’s responsibility to have them repaired or replaced.


Buried Glass:  There is no warranty against leakage when the glass is buried below the surface of the tile or marble.  There is no way of knowing if the area is water proof.  If this unit should leak for any reason it will leak below the surface and may not be noticed until there is actual structural damage.  Customer shall indemnify EGC from any claim of damage this type of installation may cause.


Removal: Some holes from existing unit may be exposed.  We will fill them with silicone.  If any other repair work is needed it would be at the customer’s expense by others.


Existing Window Treatments: Any window treatments will need to be removed prior to installation. Blinds will need to be reinstalled post installation. EGC will not provide these services.


Custom Pattern Glass: is a non-refundable, custom item. Patterns are not always consistent with the samples based on origin of manufacture. Size plays a factor on the look in some cases. EGC cannot be held responsible for inconsistences.  Customer is required to sign off on pattern and color selections prior to installation.


Wood or Vinyl Stops: There is no warranty on wooden or vinyl stops.  EGC will be as careful as we can be while removing wood stops, but we have no way of know how much glue is on them or how weather damaged they are.  If stops become broken or damaged during removal or installation it would be the customer’s responsibility to repair or replace them.


Low-E Glass: is not guaranteed to be a perfect color match. There are several variations based on

manufacture. EGC will make every effort to match glass as close as possible.

 Customers providing go sizes will be subject to a trip charge and held responsible for any re orders or return trips.


Hardware Colors: can have slight variations based on manufacture and metal type. Polished nickel channel has been known for having a pinkish characteristic on white tile.  Customer sign off is required for color and finish selections prior to installation.


Low-Iron/Colored Glass: These types of glass can have varying colors/hues based on manufacture and batch.

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